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You may notice that the fit of your dentures changes over time as your mouth adjusts to the dentures, and that your appliance will occasionally require maintenance so that it stays in the best condition possible and continues to function properly. At Ace T Dental, we offer same-day denture relines to help keep your dentures secure and in good condition. We invite you to call us at 281-725-6169 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tim Cho and learn more about same-day denture relines in Rosenberg-Richmond, Texas.

Your gum tissues will change over time and may cause your dentures to become loose. Our experienced dentist recommends that you have your dentures professionally relined every one to two years to keep them secure in your mouth so that you can continue to smile, speak and chew with confidence. Same-day denture relines allow your denture to receive the maintenance it needs without the hassle of multiple appointments or long waits.

There are several types of relines available depending on your individual needs:

  • Hard denture relines — All dentures need to be hard-relined every two years. This type of reline includes removing and replacing a layer of plastic from the interior surface of your denture so that it matches the new shape of your gums.
  • Soft denture relines — This type of reline is recommended for patients who cannot wear ordinary dentures due to tenderness or soreness of the gums. Soft denture relines replace the interior lining of your dentures with a more pliable and comfortable material. If you receive a soft denture reline, you will need to have it replaced every one to two years.
  • Temporary relines — Temporary relines help inflammation in your mouth and gum tissues subside so that your gums can return to a normal state prior to a soft or hard tissue reline.

If you have any questions about our same-day denture relines, please contact our office. We will be happy to provide you with additional information and help you make an appointment with our dentist.